In the spirit of Ramadan, SOGIP reaches out to the less fortunate and underprivileged families in the Sindumin District of Sabah. Being a part of the community is not only our responsibility, it is our pride. More than 30 families, orphans, single mothers and senior citizens are celebrated to help those in needs have a more meaningful Ramadan and Hari Raya Celebration.

The handing over of mock cheque to Kanafiah Bujang, Chairman of Paadian Association (Sindumin Zone) was delivered by the representative for the Chief Executive Officer of SOGIP, Ies Fariza.

The ceremony was witnessed by Ramlee Kariah, Director of Service Delivery (Chief Minister’s Office), Idris Mamit, (Head of Sindumin Village), Hamdan Tuah (Ketua Anak Negeri), Norhayati (Vice President of Paadian Sabah), Kasa Said (Deputy President of Paadian sabah), Aziz Tudin (Imam Qariah Kampung Luagan)