Our Vision

To be premier oil & gas industrial park of choice for petrochemical hub in Asia Pacific by committing to meet and exceed customer satisfaction on cost, quality and delivery through honesty and integrity, to prohibit bribery and to insist on compliance. Anti-bribery laws are the foundations of our corporate values.


  • Maximize use of natural gas in Sabah aligned with the “Sabah Maju Jaya” Initiative.
  • Develop SOGIP as petrochemical hub catalyst for oil & gas development in Sabah.
  • Create value added supply chain in Sabah to support domestic requirements in petrochemical industries.
  • Increase GDP and employment opportunities for sabahan
  • Develop and optimize oil & gas related downstream businesses
  • Innovate and explore future needs focusing on energies, food and environment
  • Develop research development centre for petrochemical products that will make Sabah self-sufficient, relevant and sustainable for its residents.
  • Encourage whistle-blowing in good faith and protection of the whistle blower
  • Communication with the authority and independence of the anti-bribery compliance function
  • Harsh penalty and legal prosecution on the breaching of the anti-bribery policy
  • Commitment to satisfy clients satisfaction and applicable requirements
  • Promote context of the organization and continual improvement