A series of events and activities aimed at developing entrepreneurship and job opportunities will continue to be showcased during Yayasan Sabah Bersama Rakyat (YSBR) second roadshow at Dewan Pa’ Musa and Dataran Bagandang, Beaufort for two days from today.

The launching of the first roadshow was held at Dewan Serbaguna Libaran Sandakan on February 10 and had shown a more robust understanding of interests and ideas on entrepreneurships and career opportunities especially for the local youth and their families. The roadshow at Beaufort will be officiated by Chief Minister cum chairman of the Board of Trustees of Yayasan Sabah, Tan Sri Musa Haji Aman will officiate at the roadshow in Beaufort today.

There will be 102 booths during the Roadshow which include various government agencies.In this event, Sabah Oil and Gas Development Corporation Sdn Bhd (SOGDC) bearing the SOGIP logo will be participating as exhibitors in this 2 days event as a part of our engagement effort for the public in Beaufort.

The roadshow is organised with the objectives to provide exposure on career opportunities parallel to development planning, impart information to the public about career opportunities through the implementation of various types of programmes, expand and strengthen entrepreneurial skills, empowering leaders to interact with local communities, strengthen unity among the people through the implementation of various programs in an integrated manner, relating information on Government development plans to the people and strengthening collaborative networks between State and Federal Government departments/agencies.

Various other activities will also be taking place such as artistes performance, karaoke singing competition, dancing competition, career talks and lucky draw with attractive prizes.